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When DDR met McDonalds...

astralblue: gtonizuka: Hell, you could even probably get a government subsidy if the Fast Food Industry wasn't so fucked in the US.
gtonizuka: McDonalds spends 200 Billion dollars on ads, while the Department of Health gets 2 Million for Healthy food ads?What the fuck?Advertise DDR.....hell, let me do a DDR Mix....I'd make them dons of cash.
astralblue: The first thing that popped in my head: "... Uhh, what if... Konami had a secret deal w/ McDonalds?"
gtonizuka: WOW.
gtonizuka: IF someone puts Ronald McDonald on DDR, I'm fucking someone up.
astralblue: LOL
gtonizuka: Select Your Song!
gtonizuka: "I'm Lovin It!"
astralblue: ......
gtonizuka: "I'm Lovin' It!(KOA Mix)"
astralblue: .......... *suffers third degree brain damage*
gtonizuka: "I'd Hit It!(b-boy "in da hood") Mix"
gtonizuka: "Butterfly("Free Toy In Every Meal Mix")

... At this point I lost all my energy to type anything back...  Jahi, you fucked me up... T_T


Oddly enough, I was in a meeting @ KDEA once where a rep from McDonald's wanted to do some deal with DDR. It was moreso incorporating DDR into the Playlands that you'd normally see at McDonald's and stuff. That whole "Be Active" campaign and such... guess THAT never saw the light of day.

'Course you didn't hear that from me. =X


I apologize for the spelling errors in the post, but I stand by this picture:


Re: (LAUGHS!!!)

BAHAHA, that rap campaign was horrible.

Thankfully, I can tell ya' KDEA wasn't looking to make a "McDonald's Mix" of DDR. The horrah if that were to happen, but you already touched on that ish. O_O
Big Macs 300?
"Shake" Your Booty?
Fry (more deep and deeper mix)?
Tsugaru ~Apple Pie Mix~?
McRib Machine?
Burning Meat?
.59 Cent Burger?
*sings* "Stop! You scared all the fry guys.... by telling them a lie...."

And I will stop before you kill yourself and then proceed to kill me. Yes, in that order. :-P