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Fuck You of the Day

Fuck you, Tarlton Properties, the owner of this office building.

Fuck you for not fixing the elevator until we complain.

Fuck you for making half-assed repairs to the elevator, which don't usually last for more than a few weeks before the same problem occurs.

Fuck you for letting the elevator fail to slow down and stop properly at the basement floor but instead CRASH RIGHT INTO THE FLOOR OF THE ELEVATOR SHAFT, WITH ME INSIDE.

Fuck you for not fixing the central A/C for our server room although we complained about it SINCE EARLY LAST YEAR, and letting the server room temperature soar up to almost 100 degrees and putting more than 50 servers, routers and switches in danger of critical overheating.

Fuck you for not even doing enough preventive maintenance on the said central A/C unit, letting it COMPLETELY FAIL FOR THIS ENTIRE FLOOR.

Fuck you for forcing us office dwellers to put up with a loooooooong summer WHILE YOUR LAZY ASS TAKES SEVERAL MONTHS TO FIX THE A/C, BY WHICH TIME SUMMER WILL BE OVER.

Edit: Also see [ an update on the A/C. ]


Sounds like grounds for a lawsuit, especially with the elevator. Reckless endangerment.
That's what I'm thinking. Even if Eugene is fine (and thankfully he is) the office people should get together and talk to a lawyer. Having a lawyer call up and threaten them may make them pick up the pace a little bit. At least on the elevator.
Omg... Someone should be able to sue for that kinda response. They sure would be quick to fix it then. Bastards.
Sounds like it's time to move.
Crash into the floor? Got damn! That's brutal.

Guess the only thing to be thankful for is you didn't get trapped for long or anything...

Thank God no...  The elevator went back up to the correct position after crashing, and the door opened.  Had I been really trapped inside for long, I would've personally sued Tarlton. -_-

omg are you alright? hope you dont wobble when you walk now or anything...