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Cute IP Address Masking

전형진 (203.♡.155.6) 05-06-14 16:42
http://www.aboutbsd.org/ 는 여전히 Holding 중이옵니다. 필요하시면 요청하소서.
chabrothers (192.♡.1.2) 05-06-14 18.25
망극. 생각해보겠사옵니다. 늘 깊이 생각해주시어 감읍할 따름이옵나이다,


So the first question that I have is where are you viewing those IP addresses? I didn't know it was legal to insert ASCII like... anywhere, when looking up an IP address...

Oh, it's just a web message board program that collects IP addresses but masks them when displaying them...  Usually they would do something bland like 192.***.1.2. :D