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Oh, and...

In addition to what I said in ( the previous entry ), let me also add that a good GPA does not always indicate a good self-discipline and knowledge level.  I won't name names here, but I've seen my fair share of people who clung on their friends to get their way through college with a good GPA.  I'm talking about those survival tactics in college here.  In fact, if I were presented with two resumes for one job spot, one with straight As but nothing else on it, and the other with no GPA mention but with a renowned software development project relevant to the job spot, I'd hire the latter.


What about for grad school? My parents keep on pressuring me to get a 3.5 because my uncle (who's a professor of mechanical engineering at ohio state) said that I'd need at least a 3.5 to get into grad school....I don't think that should be the case though.
I don't think you should worry as much. What is your GPA for your major? I have a friend who is a Psych major and is looking at different grad schools to get her Ph.D. Outside of her major her GPA isn't as bad, but all she's ever been told is to worry about her major GPA.

I think it depends from school to school. GPA is a nice number to give a quick idea of how good a student may be. But if you read my comment in Eugene's last entry about GPA, you can see how that doesn't always work. I think that now schools are starting to look beyond GPA because they realize that the only GPA that they could trust would be the one that they assign. And even then...
I have no idea what my GPA for my major is. I think I have to ask my academic advisor to find out.