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And you thought Microsoft was evil enough...  You are wrong. XD

Distribution Of Security-Enhanced Version Of Windows XP Postponed Indefinitely

Businesses Say Popup Blocker Disrupts Services

Much argument has arisen regarding the Service Pack 2 (SP2), a program that enhances security of Windows XP, Microsoft's PC operating system, between Microsoft Korea and the internet service industry; as a consequence, distribution of the SP2 has been postponed indefinitely in Korea, while the distribution commenced from September 2nd in other countries.

Microsoft announced on September 2nd that it has postponed the distribution of Windows XP Service Pack due to requests from internet service industry, which has been arguing that services currently being provided can be disrupted by the new popup blocker, firewall, spam filter and so on.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 provides internet firewall protection for PCs as well as the popup blocker that prevents new windows from popping up unexpectedly while browsing the internet, and also the ability to block the data it considers as generated by computer viruses and worms.  These have been protested by the service industry, which insisted that advertising and e-commerce using popups can become impossible.

Microsoft Korea said ``(Windows XP) Service Pack 2 has been created in response to requests from customers who have been embarassed by sudden adult popups while browsing the internet, or who have asked to prevent a large-scale disruption of the internet service such as the 2/15 incident'', and also argued that ``It's up to these customers' decision whether to give precedence to enhanced security, or to less service disruption.''

Microsoft Korea plans to determine when to begin distributing the SP2 after incorporating requests from the internet service industry while retaining the original intention of security enhancement.

-- Originally reported in a Hankyeoreh Shinmun article, translated by Eugene M. Kim


Losers. -_-


My mom installed SP2 on her computer. It seems to be really annoying. I'll just stick to my good old Google toolbar to block pop ups :)
Service Pack 2 was a godsend. You can turn off all the new nifty features they added. Plus fuck the popup blocker, I use Firefox anyways (<3), and it has a built in blocker.
Firefox = ownage ^__________^
Some person internally was defending this with some bullshit about "different cultures, different ways of doing business."

In addition, when the MSN Toolbar was released in Korea they had to do the same thing. Damn greedy Koreans. They are the Jews of Asia! ;)