The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

The most unearthly, first-person injury account I've ever heard.

This story is about an acquaintance from New York, who loves snowboarding.

One Sunday morning, he opens up his closet to get out his ski pants, then finds a ski lift tag on them, which is dated the same Sunday.  It baffles him -- WTF?  Dated today?  Then he checks his computer clock -- which says Monday.  Even more WTF?!

He calls up a friend who was supposed to go snowboarding with him.  The friends goes WTF too, but for a different reason.

WTF?  You don't remember we went snowboarding yesterday?

... A mega-WTF indeed.

The friend wasn't lying.  Here's what happened.

He went snowboarding yesterday with the friend.  Some time in the afternoon while snowboarding, he tried some serious jumping, and ended up landing head-first on the ground.  The friend went Oh shit, are you okay?! but he just got up to his feet as if nothing serious happened, ala Damn, that hurt! LOL

Hours went by, and he even drove back home without any problem.  Then went to bed as usual.

And as of this morning, he doesn't remember a single bit of what he did yesterday.

He ended up taking MRI scan of his head, which showed no major internal bleeding, but the doctor still told him to take an absolute rest and call the doctor if the headache (which he started to have late Monday) gets any worse.

And here's what makes this whole story even more unearthly.  He left an entry on my CyWorld mini-homepage guestbook saying How are you doing?  I'm so dazed 'cause I got a head injury. T_T  I went WTF and caught him on MSN Messenger: Head injury?!  Are you okay?

The first thing he said was: Huh?  Who told you?


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