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Dear smart kids ala OMFG I don't need anyone to teach me anything 'cause I can figure the shit out by myself!,

Your smartness is just loads of crap without meaningful, organized and relevant pool of information.

Ever heard of GIGO?  It means Garbage In, Garbage Out.  Swallow your pride, be modest, and be receptive.  Refine your judgement with new things you learn, and defer announcing the judgement until it is absolutely required to do so.  Or you'll be nothing more than a egotistic dumpster full of smelly nonsense.


Personally, as long as it doesn't affect me, I'm more than willing to let people with such an attitude go however they want. Chances are great they'll screw up and that'll teach them far more effectively than I ever could.


You have NO idea how much I'd like to prove that to my students....I'd like to put them into a time machine, and send them into the future not knowing how to read or use a computer....."WAAAH!!I CAN'T BUY JORDANS!!!!WAAAH!!"-_-

Re: (claps)

We need to hang out. :D