The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

Music notes

It happened again. -_______-

So, I thought I came up with this one catchy melody this morning while taking a shower.  Was humming it on and off in order not to forget it before I get a chance to transcribe it down onto paper or something.

Then it just occurred to me that it's godawfully similar to a part of this one 15-year-old Korean song.

Someone shoot me.

The order has been made.  The sales rep said the shipping cost was gonna be a lot because the shipment weight was over two hundred pounds. *dies*  $182.50, just for the shipping.  Yes.  _--_

Full Compass didn't have some of the cables in stock (remember, I ordered a lot) -- fortunately they were all from the same company, Hosa, so the sales rep could arrange a single, separate drop shipment from Hosa, which should be here around the same time as the regular shipment from Full Compass.  Drop shipment = ♡.

Now I have to clean my living room and rearrange stuff so it can fit two additional 12U racks under the mixer desk...  More rearrangement fun! :D

Oh, and I still have to drop the mixer at a repair center to get the estimate...  Let's hope they don't need more than 4-5 hours to repair it.  The current symptoms:

  • Pops and/or buzzes can be heard in all outputs (which I guess is a ground contamination problem >_<)
  • Channel strips #1 and #2 sometimes die out or diminish greatly in volume.
  • VU meters are broken. >_<

Wish me luck... _-_


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