The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

Yet another translation of Kim DongRyul song - Final Farewell

`Final Farewell', track #11 of Kim DongRyul's latest Vol. 4: Heart-Baring.

It's the last track of the album, and along with the first track it forms a frame story of the entire album.  The rest of the tracks in between are about various facets of a love story -- how this one guy meets a lady, falls in love with her, leaves her, then starts regretting about it.

In the first track...  The narrator -- the guy -- laments about how he finally realized that the lady he has left was indeed his true love, always `being there' for him and supporting him, sometimes with bitter advices, sometimes with encouraging pats on the back.  But when he returns, she says `This is the last we are allowed each other; the last to be together -- ever', yet the song doesn't explain why so. (For those who remember -- yes, this is the song that I translated a while ago.)

And now the track `Final Farewell' -- along with the original Korean lyrics, a translation, and the song itself as the background music.  Turn on your speaker, and enjoy.


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