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Daily meme.

LiveJournal Username
Is surfing the web for pornlil_b3e
Masturbating to a picture of youharley000
Shopping online with parents' credit cardhypnotikz
Meeting with other LJ friends to plot a coup against youblo_lobo
Pondering the meaning of lifenostylin
Writing... porncghureins
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... *chuckle*


That's so fucking wrong on almost every count!  *dies*


Ahemmm...where were we? Ah yes, page 54.

as Eugene slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She shuddered at his touch, but did not turn him away. He motioned her onto the bed.
"It's okay, baby," he said in the sexiest voice he could muster. "I'm here now."
The stress of the day's events had gotten to her head, but her body was telling her that she wanted him as much as any woman could want a man. She took ahold of his hands, looked him in the eyes, and said--

Oh shit, phone's ringing. Fill in the rest yourself!