The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
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와하하, 너 졸라 멋지구나. / Wahaha, you're so fucking awesome.

알지?  난 분명히 너한테 기회를 줬어.  그런데도 불구하고 대화 자체를 단절해 버린 것도 너고, 그 기회를 차 버린 것도 너야.  난 분명히 할 만큼 했어.  너의 문제였던 거야.

그러니까 말야… 너한테 줬었던 그 기회를 이젠 다른 사람한테 줘 볼라 그러니까, 그 면에 있어서는 내 인생에서 좀 꺼져 주라.  좋게 말할 때 물러나, 응?  나 이젠 너한테 아무런 감정 못 느끼니까, 그거 믿고 설쳐대는 일은 삼가줬으면 좋겠어.

충고 하나 하지.  저 먹자니 싫고 남 주자니 아깝다는 그 심술, 버려라.  응?

You know?  I did give you a chance.  Yet it was you that severed the conversation between us; it was you that kicked the chance away.  I did try my best.  It was your problem.

So can I ask you a favor...?  The chance that I once gave you... I'm about to give it to someone else, so when it comes to that topic at least, would you please get the fuck out of my life?  Back out while I'm saying this nicely, okay?  I don't have any feeling for you by now, so it'd be appreciated if you stopped counting on that and meddling in my business.

Let me give you a piece of advice.  That cantankerousness ala I don't want it yet I don't wanna give it to someone else either...  Drop it, okay?


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