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What do you think these people are doing?

Post your guess.  The answer will be posted tonight.


Someone got stuck under? I just see people looking down at some spot. No clue.
Train tipping! It's better than tipping cows!
Stretching before the mighty korean train marathon! :P
Trying to separate the cars...?

That's quite a predicament.
I'm guessing there's something stuck (probably not a human because everyone seems calm enough) that is keeping the train from moving. So they're trying to push the train enough to pull it out. You can see people looking down at the tracks (or between the train and the floor) so everyone is pushing to get it free.
someone dropped there sidekick >>
Failed attempt to mimic Jisatsu Circle's opening scene...

that or they're doing stretches because knowing the space in there...it's going to be cramped...and they won't have any room afterwards...

I'm gonna say it's that, because I know there're other Asian airlines where they request you join them in certain stretching exercises to ensure a comfortable flight.
wait, that was just horrible, logical, but still NO NO NO NO.

There's no point in saying anything sensible, I'm guessing something out of the ordinary, very ordinary XD