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The 20-Musician Meme - Answers

Here are the answers, and also comments to a few select musicians/songs.

  1. 김동률 / Kim, Dong-ryul - 희망 (Hope)

    What distinguishes Dong-Ryul Kim the most from other musicians is perhaps his heavy use of piano and the melody lines that remind one strongly of classical songs.  Hope is one of his songs that best exemplify those characteristics.

  2. 유재하 / Yoo, Jaeha - 가리워진 길 (Hidden Way)

    I ( posted ) about him a while ago on omfgkorean.  Like Dong-Ryul Kim, Jaeha Yoo had a solid classical background, and it was his dream to bridge classical music with pop music, in order to bring classy comfort of classical music into broader public attention.  His solo album, from which comes Hidden Way, is unique because of that; places where guitar, bass, keyboard and other pop instruments would go, he put violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet and so on instead.  And it just worked.  Beautifully.

    Too bad his solo album had to be his first and last album ever.

  3. Frederik Chopin - Piano Concerto No. 1, Op. 11 in E Minor

  4. 신해철 / Shin, Haecheol - 나에게 쓰는 편지 / Letter To Myself (Crom Version)

    This is a remake of his own song of the same title, whose original made its debut on his second album released in 1991.  In his early 20s, he had thrown a question onto himself: Are you still afraid of your way of life?  Then he answered No -- he declared he finally got the hang of his life, so to say.

    Now fast forward 7 years.  He released the long-awaited third solo album, which has this Crom Version.  At the beginning of the song, Shin, just having turned around the corner of 30, writes a letter to himself:

    You once asked, Isn't it scary to live a life?  The answer is, yes...  It's scary, so fucking scary.  Scary when you start a new thing, and also when you grow older, year by year.

    But see, others say the same.  They say it's scary and hard to live a life too.  So scary it makes your knees tremble with fear, but still, step by step...  Wouldn't that be how we all live our life...

    And now I am where he was in 1998 -- listening to his letter makes me want to smile and cry at the same time, because everything he said above is so fucking right.

  5. 넥스트 / N.EX.T - A Poem Of Stars 별의 시

  6. Tomaso Antonio Vitali - Chaconne in G Minor

    Dubbed the saddest music on earth; best when you wanna pull out that glowing seed of sorrow in your heart, burn it in a flame then purify your mind with its white ash.  Worst when you're feeling emo/suicidal. XD

  7. 이병우 / Lee, Byung-woo - 사랑했지만

  8. 윤상 / Yoon, Sang - 후회 (Regrets)

    Nearly all of Yoon's songs are full of vulnerable innocence wrapped in the gray urban solitude rendered by the characteristic synthesizer sound.  Regrets is from his third album released in 1993.

  9. Vangelis - La Petite Fille de la Mer (from OST L'Apocalypse des Animaux)

    You'll probably recognize this song immediately as soon as you listen to the first four measures. :D

  10. 이승환 / Lee, Seung-hwan - 천일동안

  11. Guns 'n' Roses - November Rain (radpaolo)

  12. 더 클래식 / The Classic - 서툰 이별

  13. Elton John - Circle of Life (djsyndrome)

  14. Alan Hovhaness - Prayer of St. Gregory for Trumpet & String Orchestra, Op. 62b

  15. 이상은 / Lee, Sang-eun - Summer Clouds

  16. Hans Zimmer - ... To Die For (from the Lion King OST)

    Remember the doleful flute that soothed the scene where the little Simba kneeled down by his fallen father?

  17. 박정현 / Lena Park - PUFF

    This is one of few songs that Lena Park wrote herself.  And what's so special about it?  'Cause such songs reveal the true color of the singer.

  18. 개구장애 / Gaegujang-ae / Trismus - El Dorado

  19. 델리 스파이스 / Deli Spice - 챠우챠우 (happysky)

  20. 베이시스 / Basis - 독 (Strings Version)

Expect a friends-only entry soon. :D


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