The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

Long Live FreeBSD!

Lately I've been swinging back to the open-source court, and this time the theme is the desktop environment -- doing whatever usual daily tasks like browsing the web and checking email, in a non-geeky/non-nerdy way:

  • No ncurses-based mail program -- bye-bye mutt(1), hello Thunderbird.

  • No command-line MP3/Ogg organization tools -- bye-bye oggenc(1)/ogginfo(1)/lame(1)/id3v2(1), hello Grip/TagTool.

  • No manual compressed archive manipulation -- bye-bye tar(1)/unzip(1), hello GNOME Compressed File Manager.

And with Firefox adapting itself more and more to the real world and vice versa -- web pages adapting themselves more and more to Firefox, there are less and less reasons to boot to Windows.  Maybe I should boot to Windows now and back up all the data files that I have to save, so I don't lose them even if I just forget to boot to Windows ever again. :p  Well, actually there's still a reason to boot to Windows -- to use my scanner.  As much as I love it, Canon needs a lightening bold right through its head... Perhaps that'll enlighten Canon and make it release firmware/driver for the open-source world.  Urgh.  This is also why I'm so reluctant to buy a Canon digital camera -- most Canon digital cameras require a special device driver (of course, released only for Windows and MacOS) to transfer files to the host PC.  What a showstopper. XD

Oh, let's not forget that GNOME's subpixel renderer is way better than that of Windows (also known as ClearType) -- my desktop uses 은바탕/은고딕 (UnBatang/UnGothic) as the base serif/sans-serif fonts for both Korean and English, and combined with subpixel rendering, they look just... *drools*  :D  I'll upload screencaps later.

Plus, the Crystal for GNOME desktop theme is so sexy it owns both the stock Windows XP theme and the MacOS X Aqua theme's asses anytime.  Simple and clean, yet stylish.

Most of all, I don't have to worry about paying anything to anybody -- all I'm asked to do is to offer feedback, and if I'm capable of coding, which I am, bugfixes.  (Actually I even donate $$$ to several open-source projects, including FreeBSD, Mozilla and PostgreSQL -- feels way better than purchasing some random-ass software that might not even work as advertised.)


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