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A Quiz/Riddle.

>>> Clues Revealed So Far <<<

There are a couple of recurring numbers in the guy group.  Here are them, for your convenience:

1 20 33 49 69

No division, no multiple variables...

Actually, I didn't do any math to come up with these numbers, but they were just taken from somewhere according to a well-defined rule, which involves a certain attribute of each of you guys. :D

No Victor, it doesn't have anything to do with relationships either. XD

The result of certain U.S. Census Bureau activity.

Um no, this riddle has nothing to do with you guy's LJ persona...  Plus, what would the U.S. government have to do with LiveJournal in the first place? XDD

In 1990...

astralblue was 80.
azhp was 94.
blacklab1113 was 49.
blo_lobo was 329 (or 25).
bradical was 128.
bryceda59 was 535.
captaincanada was 1.
cghureins was 11.
cutriss was 431.
d2rampage was 69.
darkdynasty was 284.
ddrmel was 945.
exel was 577.
ferrari_iidx was 23.
fujiwara was too high!
fuzn was 1.
gtonizuka was 1140.
hypnotikz was 36 and 114.
iamjebus was 74.
iarechubs was 212 (or 66).
j_mm_r was 22.
djsyndrome was 33.
jas777 was too high!
jcofrtf was 1072.
jimthefly was 153.
kay0ss was 2.
kazenokenshi was 14.
klonoapowah was 1.
lil_b3e was 20.
litajup657 was 1000.
maplesyrup was 210.
mr_wendell was 310.
nikari was 126.
niq was 308.
noonereally was 33.
nostylin was 84.
radpaolo was too high!
phrekwenci was 135.
rosstirona was 282.
ryc3 was 99.
sherl0k was 96.
shinmizu was 20.
taihun was too high!
talinthas was too high!
tequilaissexy was 69.
thedcb was 49.
turboneko was 56.
vt127 was 404.
vxjasonxv was 24.
xxxplizit was 816.
yuletak was too high!
zqfmbg was too high!

anonemoose was 349.
ardor_sb was too high!
atomatolova was 6.
ddrgirldotcom was too high!
dnldreams was 182.
harley000 was too high!
hkholly was 186.
iguanagrrl was 26.
nicoletbn was 68.
supadupapan was 118 (or 24).
vhg was 160.
wilykitsune was too high!
xtsinai was 234.

What the hell am I talking about? XD


Who knows.

Man, you're 49. XD

That's not a prediction... that's a FACT OF LIFE.
80, eh? you hide your age well. :)

Shut up, you're 96. XDDD

i think kun^'s logic went down the street and mailed its self to canada.

Not really, Mr. Eighty-Four. XD

Don't make me have to pull out a Stone puzzle and hurt you.... I've got just the one waiting to be used that will be the perfect counter for this. :-P


Since nobody else is interested in trying to decode this...

I'm guessing that whatever variables this is based on, fujiwara, jas, pheardapowah, taihun, talinthas, yuletak, zqfmbg, ardor_sb, ddrgirldotcom, harleyooo, and wilykitsune all have *zero* for one of them, and there's some division involved, hence the "too high!" response.

Um, no division, no multiple variables. XD

my 1000 I do not understand T.T

Yes, I was like OMGWTF! too, when I found out you were 1000. XD

I have no idea. D:
What the hell?
In my infinite genius I thought "Months old?"

But "too high" and "0" would...ok I'm done.

And my number is like twice what my months old would be.

Unless you're doing something weird with numbers. Like I'm 535, and if you take my "59" and do 5 root 9 and then repeat the first number...ok that's a stretch. Blacklab's 1113 is 4 numbers...and then add the first three together and multiply it by the last and you get 9...so 49...see I think of weird relationships like this. For those that don't have numbers in their name...I don't know the first number you saw in their LJ?

Ok, I just looked at the clue (hey leave me alone =P ) and my brain is too fried to think more XD

Nope, this riddle's not related to playing with numbers at all.  In fact, these numbers are taken verbatim from somewhere according to one well-defined rule -- I didn't calculate anything to come up w/ them. XD

Woah I have 2 numbers

Yes, that's a big hint too! :D

The number of lj quiz's we have taken this year?

Um no, this quiz has nothing to do with you guy's LJ persona...  Plus, what would the U.S. government have to do with LiveJournal in the first place? XDD

I don't think anybody is going to figure this out.

My roommates have solved it. :D  A new hint is up in commemoration. XD

The password is swordfish.

What would the numbers be?