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Attention: Firefox Users

Firefox 1.0.3 is out.

Download from ( the official site (4.6MB) ) or from ( my mirror, if the official site's too slow, ) and install it now, as it's an important security update which fixes, among others, a ( remote code execution bug ) that allows malicious website operators to install and run any program of their choice on your computer when you (are tricked to) visit their website.


*insert comment from me about trying to convert me to firefox*

Man, it gets old. XD

I only have like four extensions installed, and apparently the four of those together are enough to bork 1.0.3. >.> Joy.

Dude, do me a favor and fix your clock. -_- Every other update on my page today is labeled as Tuesday. Or, if you're posting in GMT, then say so so that I may pull my LJ-support favors and convince them to allow for the option of displaying posts with timestamps relative to your own specified timezone. -_-


Sorry, the NTP server that I use to sync the clock is down, and this computer apparently has its CMOS clock by a day ahead. -_-;;

Onto fixing all my entries today -_-;

/comfort Eugene