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Credit card companies, OH PLEASE...

Agree upon a standard way to partially mask credit card numbers and encourage your clients to stick to it!

Case in point:

  • Receipt #1: ABCD-EFGH-IJKL-****
  • Receipt #2: ****-****-****-MNOP

... -_-;;;;;


Actually, they are SUPPOSED to have everything but the last 4 marked out legally, last I checked.
I noticed this a long time ago. It's one reason why all my credit card receipts go in the shredder.
It should always be last 4 only.
Who is still showing the first 12???
You should be like "You guys are showing my card number incorrectly. That's illegal. You should give me what I bought for free."

Hey, it could work...
AFAIK, the credit card company has nothing to do with it. They don't even need paper documentation for purchases unless there's already a dispute involved.

Almost everything to do with a credit card transaction, from identification to recording, is done merchant-side. The attitude of the card companies is that if anything goes wrong, they'll just come after the merchant and make them pay it back.

I mean, it's the credit card companies that keep the registry of numbers, so they should know which digits of the CC# contain sensitive/identifying information and whatnot, and they should be the one to dictate OK, if you're to use certain digits for personal identification purposes, you should use this and this digit.