The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

Update: Friends Data

In case you don't see any friends that you recently added on memes you take: You need to update's stashed copy of your friend list at its ( Flush Friends (sic) ) page.

In commemoration of flushing you guys, I took some more quizzes... XD

How far would LJ friends go with you---sexually?
LJ Username
Would not touch you kay0ss
Would give a friendly hug wilykitsune
Would kiss you to see what it's like cghureins
Wants oral sex from you thedcb
Wants to have phone sex with you taihun
Wants to fuck you right now captaincanada
This fun quiz by MissHannigan - Taken 11786 Times. </a>
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The Sexual LiveJournal Quiz
LJ Username
Penis Length(pretend, if you have boobies)
Choose Position
Partner for Doggy Style pheardapowah
Partner for Oral kay0ss
Partner for Bondage exel
Partner for 69 jimthefly
Partner for Dirty Sanchez maplesyrup
Partner for Buttsex captaincanada
This quiz by alexunderdash - Taken 5632 Times. </a>
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Dot dot dot kekekeke ad nauseam. XD

(Yes, I've been waiting for a chance to use A:\sexual! XD)


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