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Poor Sis

A phone convo last night (in Korean):

``By the way Oppa, I've got a problem.''

``Huh?  What is it?''

``So there's this one guy I came to really like...''

``Is that me? XD''

``... Shut up. -_-''

``Hahaha, just kidding.''

``... Yeah.  But he doesn't seem interested in me... At all.  I mean, we've known each other for quite some time, and he's cool with me and all...  I guess he sorta grew on me unbeknown, I just realized that recently...''


``I don't know what to do... Like what to say to him.  I really wanna tell him that I like him and all, but I just don't know where to start.''

``Yeah, I understand...  Remember this one thing that I told you when I first saw you offline a few years ago?  I guess you're finally getting hit by its repercussions...''

``What thing?''

``You're cool, witty, and pretty...  And that puts you in the center of attention among guys around you.  There's going to be always someone interested in and hitting on you.''


``Like, you don't really have to look around to find someone...  It's more a matter of choice than searching.  That isn't really a bad thing per se.  I actually envy you for that.  But the thing is... That way, you get lazy about how to present yourself to other people, because you simply don't feel the need to do so.  And the result...  Well, you know now.''



``... *sniffle*''

``I'm sorry.''

``... *sniffle* No, that's okay.  It just makes me sad that I didn't realize or understand that up until now.''

``Looks like we owe each other a beer next time I visit Korea.''

``Hehe, yeah...''

This made me feel thankful again.  Thankful that I'm not that good-looking, attractive or anything; thankful that I'm just an average guy -- so I don't get swarmed by too much attention that leaves little time to contemplate myself.


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