The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

Ahem, I'm looking for roommates...

What I have to offer:

  • The unit is located in the Lakewood Village in Sunnyvale -- very nice and quiet neighborhood.  It's on west side of Lawrence Expressway; between two cross streets, Lakehaven and Lakebird.  The ZIP code is 94089.  It's also very close to freeways 101 and 237.

  • Two rooms are available -- a master bedroom and a regular bedroom.

  • Master bedroom is $650/mo and includes a dedicated bathroom with a shower booth.  It faces the backyard.

  • Regular bedroom is $500/mo and shares a bathroom with me, with a shower/bathtub.  It faces the driveway, and has two doors -- one to the hallway and another to the garage.

  • Water, gardening and garbage disposal is included.

  • Phone/DSL through SBC and electricity/gas through PG&E are separate -- monthly price is negotiable.

  • No cable TV is installed (I don't watch cable TV); service can be ordered from Comcast.

  • The unit uses gas for cooking and heating.

  • The garage has shared washer and dryer.

  • Kitchen uses gas stoves and oven, and I have a microwave available for sharing (of course =p).  Kitchen tap water filter has been installed and is maintained by me.

  • Dining area is empty, available for usage suggestions.  However, living room is not -- I plan to move my recording gears there, out of one of the two rooms I currently use.

  • Garage parking is available for all of us to share (I don't usually park in it, except when I'm on a vacation or something).

  • There's a nice backyard, ideal for BBQ parties.

Who/what I want:

  • An ideal candidate would have an active weekend lifestyle.  I do my music stuff through weekends except at late nights, so no `hey, I need to sleep till noon every Saturday and Sunday' please.

  • He/she also would be someone trustworthy that I either directly know or can obtain a good testimonial/reference from someone that I directly know (because I have a lot of recording gear worth $$$).

  • No smoking inside the house please (per landlord's request, and also for the health of all the computers and other equipment that I have).  I myself am fine with smoking outside the house -- as long as there's no clutter left behind.

  • Music/computer lover a plus.  Amateur/pro musician a definite plus -- I'm negotiable about sharing my recording gears, as long as they are handled with reasonably sufficient care.

  • Sorry, no pets allowed.

Leave a comment or give me a call at (408)416-1062 (cell) or (408)744-9974 (home) if you are interested or know of someone who might be interested.  Thanks!


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