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Here's a good way to lose me respect for you

A simple, two-step way.

  1. Realize that you made a mistake that annoyed/frustrated/angered me -- by noticing I'm pointing it out in a civil way.

  2. Ignore or miss the chance to apologize because you hate to say sorry.

Wow, easy, isn't it? :D


I'm sorry ;_;
I'm sorry... I won't take over your kitchen anymore ;_;


I like you, blue. You're a great guy, and i respect you a lot.

But this is an awfully presumptuous comment.
There is a difference between hating to say sorry (which I assure you is not the case) and not feeling that there is something to apologize about. I understand and can appreciate your feelings regarding the matter, but to say that there was a mistake made is incorrect.

But in the interest of peace, i do apologise. And now that i know what bugs you, i won't perpetuate it.

LOL, I knew this was coming -- I wasn't talking about you.  Someone else drove me over the edge after that (just minutes before I made this post).