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So this one person added me on her -- I guess -- buddy list on Yahoo! Messenger.  I didn't have an idea who she was, so I left a message Hello, who's this? :o, to which she replied:

Haii ini gua christine, gua isenk aja add u abis ada di binusmaya

...  -_ -)a


El sacapuntas es muy aburrido.

That's not SARANG HAY :(
Jincha? Na du sarang hae. <333333

아잉♡ =3

I wish Eugene's LJ had a babelfish link in every post. =P

That's actually not a bad idea, hein?

안 돼. ㅋㅋㅋ;; 여기 쓰는 글 중에는 일부러 한글로 쓰는 것들도 꽤 있거든. ^^

It does not become. ; ; If here to in the writing which it writes quite there are also things which it writes intentionally in the Korean alphabet. ^^