The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

Firefox/Win32 Tip: Webpages with Background Music

  1. Install [ Apple Quicktime ] first.
    This installs Firefox plugins for in-browser multimedia playback support.

  2. Install [ Ogg QuickTime Components ].
    This adds Ogg/Vorbis support to QuickTime and its plugins for Firefox.

  3. Install [ BGM Conductor ].

BGM Conductor is an extension for Firefox for Windows(works on all platforms supported by Firefox).  It does a number of things:

  • It lets you stop, or even prevent, background music from playing.
    This is useful when you're at work, or when you use your laptop at a quiet place like a library... :D

  • It makes Firefox understand IE-specific <bgsound> tags.
    This is the reason for this plug (^^a) — I'm gonna make my future Music of the Day posts play the song in the background when you click into the LJ-cut.  Because LiveJournal disallows the use of <object> or <embed> tags for security reasons, which is nevertheless understandable, I have to stick to <bgsound> tags.


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