The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

Daily meme

Stolen from xtsinai...

Bolden things that apply to you.

  1. walked a tightrope along train tracks
  2. laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by
  3. made a snow angel
  4. had a tea party
  5. flown a kite
  6. built a sand castle
  7. gone puddle jumping
  8. played dress up
  9. jumped into a pile of leaves
  10. gone sledding
  11. cheated while playing a game..
  12. been drunk
  13. been lonely
  14. fallen asleep at work/school
  15. climbed a volcano
  16. used a fake id
  17. gone ice skating
  18. watched the sun set
  19. felt an earthquake
  20. touched a snake
  21. slept beneath the stars
  22. ridden on a camel
  23. climbed a mountain
  24. smoked pot
  25. ridden in a taxi
  26. shoplifted
  27. been fired
  28. been on a blind date
  29. had a crush on a teacher
  30. been arrested
  31. been to europe
  32. skipped school
  33. played ‘clue’
  34. had a sleepover
  35. been tickled
  36. seen a UFO
  37. told a lie
  38. been robbed
  39. been misunderstood
  40. been fishing
  41. snuck into a movie
  42. consulted a psychic
  43. petted a reindeer
  44. won a contest
  45. been to a zoo
  46. seen your dad cry at a funeral
  47. run a red light
  48. been suspended from school
  49. been in a car accident
  50. had braces
  51. felt like an outcast
  52. eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night
  53. had a deja vu
  54. touched a starfish
  55. danced in the moonlight
  56. hated the way you look!!
  57. jousted/sword fought/jedi light thingys
  58. witnessed a crime
  59. been spit on by a llama
  60. pole danced
  61. met anyone famous
  62. questioned your heart
  63. been to the circus
  64. been to jail
  65. laughed during a sad scene in a movie/tv show
  66. played with an etch a sketch
  67. eaten caviar
  68. been obsessed with post-it notes
  69. hated your computer
  70. owned a pet
  71. made a banana-split
  72. squished barefoot through the mud
  73. been lost
  74. fallen in love
  75. had a midnight picnic
  76. been skinny dipping
  77. swum in the ocean
  78. felt like dying
  79. cried yourself to sleep
  80. laughed in the middle of church MOST DEFINITELY
  81. stepped on a nail so that it went into your foot
  82. made homemade ice cream
  83. actually enjoyed your classes
  84. used a magic 8 ball
  85. made a flower chain necklace or other type of jewelry
  86. played cops and robbers
  87. recently colored with crayons
  88. seen a moose up close
  89. sung karaoke
  90. paid for a meal with only coins
  91. done something you told yourself you would never do
  92. played air guitar
  93. tripped up the stairs
  94. had a crush on a family member blood relation I swear!
  95. made a mud pie
  96. made prank phone calls
  97. seen a broadway show on broadway
  98. laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
  99. caught a snowflake on your tongue
  100. danced in the rain
  101. written a letter to Santa Clause
  102. been kissed under a mistletoe
  103. watched the sun rise with someone you care about
  104. blown bubbles
  105. made a bonfire on the beach
  106. crashed a party
  107. gone rollerskating
  108. cut down a christmas tree
  109. played p’diddle
  110. gotten a wish come true.


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