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Music Stuck in the Head

Kylie Minogue — Love at First Sight, followed by...
4 Strings — Take Me Away (into the Night)

Looks like I'm having a DDRMAX2 day. XD  I wonder if I'll end up incessantly humming these well into the team meeting this morning...  Hmmm, Will I?  =3


after my workout last night, i kept looping "love at first sight" as well.

it's probably my favorite pop song ever.
C Bb C Bb G Bb G Bb

Too late, my brain is already occupied for the rest of the day. XD

Gaahh I love those two songs T_T..

DB Boulevard point of view listen to that or I kill you =3
This is because you probably haven't been exposed to the ITG2 music yet and had it start to eat away at your brain. There's too much in there that's catchy... ;_;