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Teaching ♡

Each time I tutor someone on C++, I find it (teaching) more and more interesting and satisfying.

Perhaps I really should get a teaching job as almost all 주역 (周易; zhouyi) experts have said about me.  Too bad I don't have a necessary credential. =p



You are a fabulous tutor.
Get your credentials and come teach at ucd. We could use some good teachers.
You don't need credentials to teach at my school. All you need is to be able to make learning an insufferable task and be able to cause nervous breakdowns at will while insulting students at the same time. I don't think you're qualified for all that though. Stick to programming.
actually its easliar now to get your credentials... you dont even need to have finished a college or university .. as long as you went to a school for more then 60units .. from what Ive been told.

Anyhow california is needing teachers badly >>
Private schools don't require teacher certification. I'm applying to my high school for their theology department in hopes that they'll hire me. I have no actual school teaching experience and I'm certified in nothing. But they've hired other teachers with the same qualifications.