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We LOVE Katamari!

Courtesy of ddrmel and iguanagrrl...

[ The King of All Cosmos Needs Our Help at E3! ]

... And I'm going!  ^^  Got suggestions on what to bring? XD


You're going to E3?

Wowsers. The list grows bigger.

(Yeah, I am too. ^^)
Can I mail you some posters and gaming magazines? :O
Your hair that you cut a while back.
Hey cool, people are going to give me free crap XD

I'll have to look around for something I can bring.


Now i have to bring something for the Katamari Ball...wonder what to bring...i think you should bring something that defines you...like...something.."Korean" I would bring the Filipino "Man in a Barrel" but, i don't think it would be appropriate. Oh...i know what i'm going to bring...::smiles::