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"Tentacle Sex"

vhg: you know
vhg: [ that picture ]
vhg: i posted
vhg: gives a whole new meaning to the term tentacle sex -_-;;;;;;;;;;;
astralblue: _-_
astralblue: Oh boy _-_
vhg: yeh
vhg: i realized that when i saw jahi's comment
vhg: =P
astralblue: Hahahaha
vhg: when hentai goes ALL wrong
vhg: XD
astralblue: ...
astralblue: *imagination runs*
astralblue: Let's see..
astralblue: A girl gets "badly bitten" by an octopus and dies from bleeding or something
astralblue: Her sister takes initiative for revenge
vhg: the octopus turns into a hot guy
astralblue: Learns how to scuba-dive
vhg: with tentacles
vhg: =P
astralblue: Dives deep into the sea to find the octopus king
vhg: _-_
astralblue: and "engages him" one-on-one
astralblue: ....
astralblue: And yeah, the king can turn into a hot buff guy XD
vhg: hahaha
vhg: you should post that
astralblue: LOL
vhg: you know with certain appendages staying tentacles
vhg: or
vhg: they can turn specifically into tentacles
vhg: -_-
vhg: man hentai is like every conceivable sex scene/storyline
astralblue: Hahahaha


Still, I would've rathered seeing that kind of layout at the wedding reception I went to last Saturday... they had EVERYTHING there, it seemed. When a reception has multiple versions of caviar, you start thinking "Oh damn, this must've been 'SPENSIVE!"