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So last night, I sat down and thought about dating principles for a while...  And concluded that I need to drop leftover axioms and taboos from my days in Korea, if I'm ever to be recognized as a normal guy here in the states.  Of course, the basic rules are the same.  But there are a lot of cultural dos and don'ts that are way different between here and Korea; sometimes old Korean axioms that I held have biased me and prevented me from pursuing an otherwise perfectly acceptable dating chance.  In the end, the loser has always been no one else but I.

Basically, I'm going to implement the old idiom — When in Rome, do as Romans do — into my social life.  So everyone, expect a different Eugene...  And pardon the dust while the renovation is in progress.


As long as you don't turn into a total player. o_o;

A player, no.  A player's know-how, yes.

On how to get into the pants of girls extra-quick? o_o;;;

You're confusing the goal with the means.

That's the point. ^^
Ok :O
Hrmm, I always thought it was, "When in Rome, do all the Roman chicks!"

Whatever works for ya', man. Rather, may it all work for ya'.


First, I say good luck, and may it bring you happiness.

Second, my cultural curiosity kicks in... what kinds of things are you talking about, if you don't mind my asking?

What kind of dating partner one should or shouldn't choose, what kind of things one should or shouldn't say during the dating period...  Korea is a very conservative society in general when it comes to romance overall.

What sorts of axioms do you mean? I'm just curious.

Don't date a woman older than you/a man younger than you.

Out-date of your heritage (i.e. Korean) and be branded and squinted at.

Don't date someone who grew up without a mom or a dad.

... To name a few.  Yes, they can sound silly, but it's really hard to escape free of them when you basically grew up with everyone telling you these things.  (Socially instilled, so to say.)


More power to you! I just think that if the person is right for you to begin with, all that won't matter or will cease to matter--that's the bottom line. Even if those things are instilled in you, when you find the right person, you'll soon find it won't be hard to say "it doesn't matter."

For the record. . .a lot of those things such as dating younger/older than you can influence the type of person you like based on your own personality (does that make sense)? Like I would never date someone younger than me. Tried it, but it just didn't work--personality and maturity differences. But ya know, to each their own!


I don't know about this, and i don't know if i'm a "good boyfriend" to my GF right now or whatever, hell, i'm probably still too young to know that much, but i kinda believe if you just "put your faith in yourself" DDR Reference maybe!LOL -- Umm, where was i? Oh yeah, then your "Love will shine." (Oh god, can i get away from this?) Anyway, seriously though, you'll find it in no time...when you probably aren't trying. ^_^ Use that Korean BEEF buddy!!! KOREAN BEEF OWNS FACES FOR FUCKING FREE. You have beef...dood. "Bul Go Gee." Beef. use the "beef." or the BEEF sausage. MOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!