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You Know What I Hate About Fame/Stardom?

Random people stop you on the street to tell you Oh, I know your music...  Then they stare at you, like they're expecting some Oh wow, thank you, thank you! ^^ type of responses from you.  As if you were some sort of servant or something to them.

What's even worse, some even have the audacity to get pissed off if you don't promptly thank them back.

That's why I never made Midnight Blue an official or promotional event.  Not to brag or anything, but if I really wanted to, I can set it up so as to build a thick fandom in no time.  But I don't really like the consequences (as I've said before in some other post).  Hell, even now...  Even now that Midnight Blue is strictly for a couple of friends, some of them get pissed off if they ask me to practice and play something for them and I refuse.  Even fucking now.

A couple of minutes ago, I barely kept myself from shooting back: What am I to you?  A slave?


Awww, you'll never be a slave to me.

They probably feel that the "thank you" is some kind of validation. That you telling them that does more than just recognize that you have someone that is interested in your music. They may think that it's somehow you saying something specific to them. That you're appreciative of THEM. After all, they've gone out and chosen to listen to YOU, not the tons of other people out there that play music. But they fail to see that you're more than just a music player or a bringer of entertainment to them.

Their mindset may be "I choose to listen to you, so you OWE it to me to thank me or play for me if I request it."

This is why I don't let many people know of my triangle playing.

You know what's funny?  They stop you and basically tell you Say you thank me!

Appreciation — saying thank-yous — is an ugly thing unless it's voluntary.  You recognize your fans on your own, then address them and tell them you appreciate their interest.  Not the other way around.

I've always enjoyed it everytime that I have listened in. I'll never forget the time that you played the theme to Teletubbies because I damn near died of laughing. You play awesome music and I am apprecitave that you share your amazing talents.
dude, i fucking love Midnight Blue, and enjoy it every time you choose to play for us. But it's presumptuous to expect you to cater to our desires.
People that think that they deserve to tell you when to play (and that you should listen), have it all fucked up. Honestly, I have remembered asking you to play things in the past but if you rejected me, I would just say "OK" and continue listening. People with talents, such as the ability to play music, should NEVER have people telling them when to play or expect them to play (not counting a concert or something-like-that event).

Unfortunately, I never did get to listen to anything from "Midnight Blue". I actually thought that gig was just for fun and it'll blow over two weeks after it started. Doh.
Honestly, Eugene, every since I heard it... I've been obcessed with your fingers... I actually stole a photo of your hands on the piano with my camera phone last time and I printed it out, and glued it to my keyboard at home. I stare at it and imagine you playing.

I've wanted you to play for me but I know that it is up to the musician to give that gift to another persons ears. I've studied enough Miles Davis and Nina Simone to know that musicians are not slaves.
Miles was blackballed from the entertainment industry because he became so fed up with disrespectfuul audiances treating him like their personal slave, he would throw a concert, walk on stage backwards and play so that the audiance never saw his face. Other times he would walk on, play one note on the trumpet... And walk back off. And that was the end of the show.

Nina had a reputation for pointing out individuals in her audiance and scolding them for bad behavior and even making them leave the show.

Anyway, as long as the music you play is so beautiful, you will have to suffer a little, but just remember the reasons you play, and you'll be fine.