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Dear Whoever Mails "Open a Credit Card!" Spam for Providian...

May I offer you a small advice?

When you try to make it look like legit mail by not putting your company name but just my name, address and a DO NOT DISCARD message on the envelope, I suggest you use a colored envelope or at least a thicker envelope paper stock so that the huge-ass...

0% APR

... lettering doesn't show through.

Okay, that's all. :D


It's easy to sort out the legit mail from the crap mail.

Anything with "Dated", "Respond immediately" is crap.
Anything with shipping info from a fake courier is crap.
Anything with a yellow post-it visible from outside the envelope is crap.
Anything with an overly decorated envelope is crap.
Anything from my credit card company that uses Times as the font for my address is crap.

The list goes on. :)
Providian is fucking evil anyway. They are the fuckers to sued me 3 years ago.
Agreed. They let my roommate agree to have a credit card sent to me. It was one of those "We'll give anyone a credit card!" type deals, except part of the condition is that it's sent with a balance due.

I still need to contact Equifax to get that wiped. I already had Experian and TransUnion nuke it.
Oh no, there is spam on my friends page, oh wait.