The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

The Actual Dream That I Had

[ The previous entry ] wasn't a cryptic message about any one thing or person in particular ('cause I know some people are gonna take it as such -_-)...  It's more about my insatiable greed over everything in general.

So, what was exactly the dream?  'cause 139847182 people asked me over IM, I'm gonna post it here for your reference...

astralblue: Actually it was pretty weird... I was in the cockpit of this airplane flying, and the air was full of random stuff floating around which stuck to the airplane (think of Katamari Damacy) and made it fly higher as we flew near it
astralblue: (yeah, makes no sense)... XD then the pilot showed me this one screen, which was like a security camera viewing the wings (it was a passenger jet)
astralblue: there was this one huge water bubble hanging on each wing and wiggling frantically ('cause of the wind)
astralblue: Every time something in the air was about to zoom nearby, the bubble stretched extended in that direction and caught the thing
astralblue: and captured the thing into the bubble, which got bigger and bigger every time it does that
astralblue: Now the part is... whatever thing caught in the bubble...  Simply dissolved into some smoke or something like that
astralblue: then the scene zoomed in
astralblue: And it showed exactly what was happening in the thing...  When a person got captured, the person vaporized into white smoke from his limb... then torso, then head.  All that while the person was screaming in an apparent agony
astralblue: Now... Here's the thing.  Everything and everyone that the bubble captured -- it was something/someone that I wanted.
astralblue: Including my exes and past crushes.

Yeah.  Nightmares suck.  Especially when they remind of my weaknesses.


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