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Synchronized Love!

So I have two roommates, Cynan and Marcel.  Cynan loves Katamari Damacy, but Marcel absolutely hates it 'cause the game makes no sense... XD  Once in a while I play KD tunes on the piano just to annoy him (especially when he says he hates the game).

And today I got my own copy...

Me: Hey, see what I bought for myself today! *shows the KD game DVD*
Marcel: ... -_-
Me: *grins*
Marcel: So we have two copies now?
Me: Yes. *grins even wider*
Marcel: Get out of my room.  I don't want that game here. -_-;
Me: XD
Me: You know what'd be funny?
Marcel: What?
Me: Cynan and I could play the game on his PS2 and mine at the same time, and we could start the same stage exactly at the same time in order to synchronize the background music to each other. XD
Marcel: ... No.
Me: How about yes? XD XD
Marcel: How about I move out? -_-;;;;


you live with cynan?

You didn't know?  XD

My place is like a branch office of DDR Freak, LLC in that sense.  XD

I didn't know either. XD
Hahaha, well if he moves out I can move in. Then there would be 3 sync'd (GET IT?) TVs with KD playing.
I hope you transcribed the piano opening melody. XD

I rarely transcribe anything, I just play stuff by ears... :p

da naaa na na na na na, na, na, nana, na, nana, na~


It's not like it's going to stop anytime soon...We <3 (Heart) katamari is coming...and he can't stop it...LOL
Or, you could time it so that it becomes a round, with one being the proper amount of time behind the other. That would TRULY drive him mad. :-P

Or, I could just call one of you on your cell, have you give it to him and just do the opening theme at the top of my lungs. :-P But then he'd find me and kill me probably. :-P
Hey, Eugene, I know of someone that can sympathize with Marcel...


He absolutely does not understand the game, nor does he have any real desire to play it. It's just too weird for him.

Oh, and also relay this message to Marcel...






NA (sorry couldn't help it XD...)
One day when he's not home, you should take all of his stuff and roll it up into a big ball. I bet he'd love that. :D