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A PSA / An Advice to Certain Friends of Mine...

There are a couple of things in the world you shouldn't let your fear or self-respect override.

Apologies.  And love.

Don't leave a regret behind.  Become able to say: At least I tried!

Grab the chance while it's there.

Carpe diem.  Seize the day.


You know, upon further reading of my Latin texts, carpe diem is more closely translated as "pluck the day". Go figure.
I acted upon this recently and I felt really good about it. Nothing else came of it, but there's always next time.
Carpe diem.

Only one thing to say to that!

yes very true. Did that today. glad i did :D

Oooh, you told someone that you liked him? :D


no, i ceased the day and went to seek more info at diff. info centers that i was always putting off. ;D