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I'm sorry, my master...

wilykitsune IMed me and told me one of her dogs might have a cancer.  He—the dog—is quite old, so she says it's kinda to be expected, but something struck me during the conversation...

Dogs live 15-20 years at most.

Humans live way longer than that.

You see, it's sad to see an old, faithful dog go.  It's sad from our—humans—point of view, of course.  But there's something even sadder...  Think of an ailing old dog.  If he were able to talk, what would he say?

... My master, thank you for feeding me, taking awesome care of me and always being there for me—for my entire life.  I'd really love to hang around with you more, but it seems that my time's up...

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry to leave you behind and go the way that I would never be able to trod again...  I'm sorry that the rug that I loved to lie on will make you sad once I'm no longer part of this world...  I'm really sorry that I'm gonna end up breaking your heart despite all the good care you've taken of me.

My master, it's been an honor to be in your family; please forgive me for having to leave before you.

I'll see you again in heaven...

I'm no longer sure if I want a dog.


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