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Update on the Ridiculous Office A/C Failure

So it turns out that not the whole A/C is kaput but half (50%) of it is.  The building management actually decided to replace the whole chiller unit instead of doing some flimsy patchwork on the compressor part (which has been problematic since the last year); this is at least a good thing to see happen.  The several-month delay is due to the fact that the chiller unit is custom-made to the building.

In the meantime, Tarlton has kindly *whistles* provided us with a couple of huge-ass industrial fans, which make an awful lot of noise.  Thank God I have my own office room so all I have to do is to shut the door, but I feel sorry for those unfortunate ones who didn't get an office room but works in a cubicle.

It's nevertheless hilarious to see 5-foot fans—I'm not kidding!—sitting in every corner of the office.  My coworker next door mimicked a passenger jet taking off as we passed by one of them...  I need to take pictures of them some time.  XD