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California EDIS Alert Community

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This is automatically synchronized with [ California Emergency Digital Information Service (EDIS). ]  The EDIS delivers official information about emergencies and disasters to the public and the news media in California.

There are five message priorities:

  • FLASH: Immediate life-safety warnings only.  May trigger automatic alarm and notification systems.

  • Urgent: Time-sensitive information about threats to life or property.

  • News: Routine information about potential emergencies, training, preparedness, and updates or details about ongoing emergencies.

  • Advisory (Info): Bulletins for coordination with the news media, such as announcements of news briefings or special access arrangements.

  • Test: To verify readiness of EDIS systems.  Each agency should issue no more than two test bulletins per month.  If more extensive testing is required it should be cleared with the OES EDIS Project Office in advance.

FLASH and Urgent messages are posted real-time onto the community.  Urgent messages are LJ-cut.  FLASH messages are not.

News and Advisory (Info) messages are aggregated into a daily digest entry, which is posted at every midnight.  Each message is LJ-cut.

Test messages are omitted.


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