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Can't focus.  Can't work on shit.  Can't straighten up.

*takes mental note: Diphenhydramine HCl1 isn't friendly to me*

Augh.  Someone gimme a jolt.  A big one too.

1 An antihistamine, used as an allergy relief.


How much did you take anyway P_P..?

Just one 25mg-pill.

I'm doubly screwed..

anything with pseudoephedrine (90% of all over the counter allergy reliefs) puts me to sleep

anything with dramamine puts me to sleep...

well neither really put me to sleep they just trigger my narcoleptic tendencies

i actually almost got fired for it, before I proved to my boss that I either had to live with horrendous allergies or take the stuff and risk dozing at work constantly.

oh the joys of allergies >_