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Pleasant Surprises

It was refreshingly chilly this morning as I headed out for work.  Even in the long sleeves -- that I put on for the first time since the spring this year.

The trees lining the alley out of my village -- they were shedding red and brown leaves.  As I drove out, one flew in through an open window and landed on the passenger seat.  The leaf's vivid red color made a stark but calming, almost sad, contrast with the dark gray seat.

Miles into 101, I took a glance at the thermometer on the inside rearview mirror.  It read 50 something.  Then I saw the A/C button still depressed.  It made me smile as I turned it off.

In the office -- the receptionist was wearing long sleeves too -- I saw my room had its door closed.  Opened the door and walked in, and this warm air greeted me.  They must've resumed the central heating.  Made me smile yet again.

Everything's telling me ``Welcome to fall 2004, enjoy your stay.''  Yes, yes thank you, I will.


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