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midnight blue ~20050625~

[ midnight blue ~20050625~ (MP3/Ogg) ]

Track list:

  1. RIDE ON THE LIGHT ~starry night remix~
  2. xenon ~northern waltz version~
  3. DESTINY ~icicle mix~
  4. LOVE IS ORANGE ~Dancing Grace Mix~

Copyright © 2005 Minsung Kim.  All rights reserved.


Do you still stream this live?
I want in. XD

Haha, usually in the nighttime (hence the midnight blue title).  Check my AIM away message from time to time.  :p

Beautiful as always. :)
Awesome :D

downloadable blue!

Woww, it's about time. Love the renditions. :)
What, no Little Mermaid? XD XD XD

I think you and I need to get together sometime. You play an Aladdin song and I'll sing the lyrics XD


So niiiiiiiiiiice. Thanks for sharing. Cannot wait to hear some more in the near future.

Oops, that was me, didn't know I was logged out D:
You know, I'm rather embarrassed that I didn't recognize xenon and Ride on the Light live. >_< ^_^

But wonderful, as always. ^_^
Definitely worth the wait from yesterday. *heh*

Props to JC for telling me about this goodness. The pianist wasn't bad either. =P
That's a really cool take on Xenon. It makes me think of something I'd hear in a Final Fantasy game. :P

(Oh, and that's a compliment. I heart Nobuo Uematsu.)
Huzzah! <3 <3