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Friday, 15 July 2005 (Note 1)

7:00pm till who knows when.

Dave and Buster's in Milpitas.  [ Map ]

Limit 5 8 people under 21.2  First-reply, first-served.  Courtesy of rosstirona.  :)  Edit: All 8 spots have been filled.  Leave a comment if you want to come, 'cause we may have other people over 30 willing to cover you.

Confirmed guest list:

1 For those not in the know, this is the date astralblue becomes truly Tridecadal.

2 D&B bumped up the guardian's age from 25 to 30.  Bastards. _-_


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I'm down... Under 21, though

Assigned an under-21 spot #1.

Under 21, I might be late though because of work.

Assigned an under-21 spot #2.

Under 21. Uhm. Am I invited? :)

Assigned an under-21 spot #3.

*spanks blue and puts on her D&B hat* Over 21 and planning to attend.


If I'm not out of state accompaning my niece with her softball team, I will endeavor to try to make it.

Tridecadal good times will be at hand!
Tridecadal good times will be at hand!

Quoted for emphasis! <3333

Wow, that's my B-day. :X

Not just you, but litajup657 and drhikaru too. :)

18 18 18 18 18

Assigned an under-21 spot #4.

Nice timing. The day before I go on vacation. I'll try to show up, though I won't promise anything, since I may be frantically packing then.

Funny thought: I remember quite vividly not being allowed to pass through it on my way in or out of the mall because I was underage. Holy crap, that was a long time ago, now that I think about it.


under 21 -- save me a seat!!

(tenative, though)

Assigned an under-21 spot #5!  Let me know ASAP if you can't go 'cause there are other people who might wanna come.

D&B sounds great! unfortunately I'm under 21 :(

Assigned an under-21 spot #6, you're in! :D

Courtesy of rosstirona.

orz @ dnb

:( I guess I don't even have the chance to have the chance! BAH!

Assigned under-21 spot #7.

Courtesy of rosstirona. :)

I'm going!

Which in turn means I can play the role of guardian for five underagers. :p

Assigned under-21 spot #8!

Courtesy of rosstirona. :)

MEEEE! ;_;
I want to go! :(
Wow. When did D&B get so bastardly about that? 30? Jesus H. Christ.
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