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Okay, Now This Is Getting Scary...

[ Google Earth ]
Courtesy of jeffreyatw

Am I the only one that is creeped out by Google's persistent and consistent moves that try to refine and organize random data into information at an enormous scale?


Maybe a bit creepy, but I think this Google Earth thing is pretty wicked!
They also mosaiced out the Veep's mansion.

Isn't it amazing? I was addicted to NASA WorldWind for quite a while (which is very similar, but not as slick) but Google Earth just pwns it in so many ways, including high res maps to lots of major metropolitan areas all over the world. I'm totally digging on the .25m views of Tokyo, for instance.

The only disappointment for me was that the only high views in Korea were of Panmunjom and a couple areas in North Korea, which is still pretty damn cool. For instance, you have very high res pictures of a military base near Sansong-san and of a dam near Kom-san.