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Back II

  1. Got an '05 Fanime shirt.  <3 xtsinai

  2. [ ROOP ] is pretty cool.  I got their demo CD.

  3. It so happened that I missed out [ My Beautiful Girl, Mari. ]  Sniff.

  4. My car has an awesome amount of cargo space; An 88-key (piano-size) synth, two guitars, two speakers, a piano stool, a hand truck, two suitcases, an electronic drumset frame plus bunch of other random shit all fit into the car.  <3

  5. Nyanko was everywhere in the Exhibit Hall.  Okay, it's cute and all, but seriously, its ubiquity is reaching the point of being sickening...

  6. Narutards were everywhere too.  *sigh*

  7. Vuduberi this year was way below my expectation...  ;_;

  8. Most of the works displayed on the Art Exhibit section sucked, but there were a couple of awesome drawings.

  9. Thank goodness, there were much less sign-wearers/-holders this year.

  10. An otaku wore a huge Girlfriend Wanted sign though.  *SIGH*

  11. Listening to the FF Terra theme a couple of times and playing it at SEGV Lite on the fly was fun.  Last-minute cramming is always thrilling, you know...  XD

  12. Speaking of SEGV Lite, there might be something big coming next year...  Details are being worked out.


The Tina/Terra theme is pretty simple. I imagine you had fun crafting harmony to go along with it. :)

Actually the real fun was to improvise between the main melody sections.  A typical midnight blue style.  :D

Otaku... signs.... desperation.

The three always seem to go together.

And hopefully, none of the Narutards tried to steal stuff and then change outfits into another character. ;-P
I remember Lil'b passed out on the floor by the DDR machine at fanime last year and we wrote a giant sign that said "I JUST PLAYED DDR WITH THE PANDA" and dropped it on him. All the signs, none of the otakus or desperation! =D
hehe, good one. Narutards. But yeah. What was EVEN more annoying is that someone had to bring out a sign that said "Join the Naruto Cosplay Club." *Barfs*