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한 가지 알려줄께. / Here's Something for You.

나란 녀석 워낙 괴짜가 돼 놔서, 밀고 당기는 그런 게임에 반응하는 패턴이 보통 사람들하고 좀 많이 다르거든?

그러니까, 뒷감당할 자신 없으면 그냥 솔직하게 나와.  알았지?  ^^ 

I'm such a weirdo, and how I take and respond to those flirting games is a lot different from how ordinary guys do.

So, if you aren't sure if you can deal with the consequences, just come off frank.  Okay?  ^^

(Yeah...  Not again...  *sigh*)


Man, flirting in Korean must be different from in English. o_o;