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Two Things for Now


May the eternal peace be with all the innocent.

All the innocent who could've done without the untimely and tragic end to their lives.

No matter what fucked-up things the U.S. and U.K. governments did, you guys didn't deserve to be slaughtered like that.


I was reading [ a CNN.com article, ] which quoted this line from the statement that claimed responsibility for the attack:

We gave the warning, so we should not be blamed.

To which I say...

Dear Secret Organization group al Qaeda Organization in Europe,

You know what?  The U.S. gave the warning to Iraq repeatedly before invading it.  So you cannot blame the U.S. while saying that.

Fuck you,
Eugene Kim



rant rant rant against violence!
What you quoted takes on a double meaning and leaves much left to crucial interpretation.

You would think after so much introspection with those of Al Queda they'd realize that they're not just a malicious group of evil militants, they're people, and like all people, they are witty & cynical.

It really doesn't matter how learned you are or what your background is, the translator will translate verbatim, but who's actually interpreting it? Whoever it is, they definitely overlooked the sarcasm in that quote, which would make much more sense than just saying something obviously stupid with no purpose, but can automatically be accepted as such because 'they're hypocrites/stubborn/thick-headed' basically any given propaganda. It seemed more like a retort to Bush's warnings back in 2002/3. If it was Al Queda or its affiliates, they basically copied Bush's methods of diplomacy (if you could call it that) and voiced what the media and unfortunately readers of that article will fail to see:

prior warnings don't exempt one from responsibility nor give justification to do whatever you want for whatever reason.

Ironic and feeling somewhat defeated that there's no other option other than to accept this trait of humans, how this can be taken the wrong way and fuel more animosity. The world's built on cooperation and destroyed through misunderstandings.

I thought about that possibility too (sarcasm) before posting this entry, and I decided to go ahead anyways because what Al Qaeda is basically doing is a primitive eye-for-an-eye retort.

In other words, by doing this, they basically threw themselves into the same pool of shit Bush's been swimming in for a long time.  The sarcasm may prevent them terrorists from blamed by Bush et al, but not by me, who don't believe in that exemption by prior warning shit in the first place.

Henceforth, my original letter stands: Fuck you terrorists.

I don't necessarily think they believe they're justified, rather they went to really extreme lengths to get their point across -_-. The sarcasm may prevent the terrorists from blame by Bush? Ha, if Bush knew how to play politics probably, but he's so focused on his war on terrorism he doesn't even see the hypocrisy.

It's an eye-for-an-eye all right, and it's repeating 9/11 in Europe with Arabs and Muslims alike. Those killed and injured in London, good grief why why why why why -_-...