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I was driving my car on a steep (like 40 degrees) hill, and as I accelerated a little bit too hard, the front wheels lifted off the ground the car began to flip backwards.

Funny thing #1: My car is not a RWD; it's not supposed to do that.

Funny thing #2: As the car began to flip, I extended my arm through the moonroof, grabbed a branch of a street tree, and stopped the car from flipping.

Funny thing #3: I didn't find the situation to be funny; I was dead serious when I did that, ala OMG I'm gonna die!!!1!111one




Acceleration tends to take weight off the front wheels and put it on the back wheels, so that would explain why your car decided it wanted to do a roll. Of course, I realize this is a dream, and normal physics don't necessarily apply. :)

That explanation applies only to an RWD; an FWD will lose acceleration as soon as enough weight has been taken off the front wheels so they will lose traction with the road. XD

What about inertia? Ye olde slingshot effect? :)

C'mon, it's only 40 degrees, the inertia ain't gonna do jackshit! XD

Heh. I wasn't a physics major. :)

Nor was I. XD

Dude, where in the hell was this? :P