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Poll #531229 Cable or DSL?

Do you use a cable modem or a DSL service?

t(-_-t) cause I use a dialup.

Which cable/DSL service provider are you with?

Edit: Notable answers:

  • bryceda59: Jo Momma's DSL <- Yes Bryce, the answers are public.  XD
  • drhikaru: Fiber Optic <- OMG FTTH! *drools*


Technically, *I* am not with BellSouth.net. It's just the provider that's hooked up in the house I'm staying in for the next month. I should have Cox cable Internet access when I move.

BellSouth was *really* good when I lived in Starkville. But apparently things have gone quite downhill, as my friends in Starkville say it's got really crappy uptime now, and if it's anything like how bad my service has been in Biloxi, I'd agree wholeheartedly.
Uh oh, it says who gave what answer.

Oh shi------