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This Harry Potter Spoiler Thing

Is getting ridiculous.  Especially when it pops at least three four times on my friends page, two of which being from a same person who wants to rub it in.

Common courtesy, anyone?  How about being considerate?  Oh, anyone up for being better than a jerk?

Perhaps I'm talking to an audience impervious to such things and need to realize there's only one thing I can do: To STFU and read.

Edit: Especially when you find this shit coming from someone who you thought would know better than that.


You tell that turd who's boss.
I feel the same way, especially after having friends saddened & angry after seeing them, what a way to piss people off, i swear.
Well I haven't posted anything about it, but it's not really a bother since I'm apparantly not your friend anymore :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

LOL you should've replied 'cause there were almost no exceptions from the cut.  *adds back*  XD

Replied to what? I have a large number of friends and sometimes posts slip through :( :( :(

Believe me, though, I"ve been keeping up with hot sleepy tigers and poor ulcer sores.
oh damn i never saw this shit
I'm a bad friend :(
Unfortunately, I didn't even see the spoiler until I read your post. It was right beneath yours on my friendlist. What a bunch of hoppycock. Now I gotta wait another 6 months to get into it in hopes that I forget. GGRRRR.