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I Just Had the Stupidest Silly Japanese Joke

Friend: Hey Eugene!
Me: Oh hey!
Friend: 何が上? (Nanga ue?)
Me: W... What?
Friend: Yeah!  何が上?
Me: ......  OH. -_-; *thwap*




Happy Birthday and stuff!I'd go out drinking, but I'm a bit homeless at the moment. =p.
It's funny to see people misusing the translation system in a similar way in FFXI. For the more innocent phrases, you have "(word) (up) (Home key)", which falls in line with "What's 'up'?" as notated above. For the more insulting (in Japanese anyway), you have people using (Reward) as if it were a prize to be earned, when it actually refers to the ability to feed a pet (and the corresponding verb is rather insulting to use in reference to a person who would otherwise be your equal).

And then we have the total blatant abuse of the system, such as "(excitement) (Yes, please) (Mithra) (fun) (hole) (Penta Thrust) (Can I Have It?)". I pain to think of how a Japanese player would react seeing that.

Gaijin indeed.
Here's a bad Japanese joke, and a bad photoshop I did a few years ago. Her name is Kae.

A bad Japanese pun... kaeru is frog.

......  _-----------_