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ATTN: FetusMart Lovers

The official image host, members.aol.com (-__-), seems to disallow hotlinking/off-site image linking, so I created a mirror...  When you copy and paste the code, change this image URL prefix:


To this prefix:


And all will be well!  :D

FYI, here's [ the main FetusMart page ] if you wanna check it out again...  XD


Yeah I got frustrated and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working for me then I gave up =(, THANKS EUGENE! Now I can adopt death, cow, emo & crap i forgot the other one p.p...q.q...p.p...
I'm a bad parent ~><~
STUPID LESS THAN THREE CRAP!!!!! *stabstabstab* hi hi :3...